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This is what we are doing locally for climate action!

Help us create an example of what we should be doing in woodland and fields near you. To grow our food, fuel and materials to replace coal, oil and gas.


Learn how to use hand tools: axes, scythes, billhooks etc to produce Hazel Coppice, basketry willow plantation, Hornbeam Pollards and Timber trees. To produce materials which are an alternative to plastic and composite materials which won’t naturally breakdown.

Learn how to grow veg and fruit and set up carbon negative no dig horticulture on a field scale. 

Learn how to work in the field using a portable kit which can move and set up camp elsewhere.

Volunteering on Broad Park, Murton.

The charity has taken on a field in Murton to demonstrate carbon negative food growing. More Info: Carbon Negative Food Growing 

At present we need volunteers to join us in preparing the land. We are working on the field infrastructure, planting fruit trees,  clearing bramble and general ground work. 


Volunteering on Mansel Green, Bishopston Swansea

Mansel Green is a 2 hectare site in Bishopston village. Activities change with the season and include controlling Bracken and Japanese Knot weed using Austrian Scythes, footpath improvement, coppicing, tree planting, hedgerow restoration.



Willow Craft Project Update July 2022

Spread the Word, Spread the Skills!

The willow craft project has now become the Swansea and Gower Willow Craft, a regular monthly group set up to manage the willow bed, using the willow to learn new basketry skills and share ideas. All are welcome  Please check out the facebook page, it will tell you when we plan to meet next.  FaceBook Page


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