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Practical Skills Training

Practical skills training has great benefit to any person, their community and the wider environment. Sustainable
skills are prioritised as a foundation for sustainable livelihoods and livings. We are beginning with hedge laying.

Hedge laying

Hedge-laying is an important and valuable skill for you and your local community! The courses we offer are for both beginners and people with experience and all tools and safety equipment are provided. They are aimed at those interested in learning and practising hedge laying in their local community.

Healthy laid hedges provide a stock-proof fence, a significant windbreak which contributes to the welfare of stock and a woodland corridor for birds, plants and small mammals. The 4 day course will take you through the skills and knowledge to enable you to tackle laying a hedge. No prior skills or experience are needed.

What will you learn on the course?

  • Basic principles of hedge-laying its benefits to wildlife and stock-proof features
  • Practice how to cut with a range of traditional axes and billhooks
  • How to successfully pleach and lay a hedge
  • Hedge staking and binding
  • Identify the main hedgerow trees and shrubs

Who will be teaching you?

Bob outside the yurt

Bob Smith is an experienced tutor in traditional rural skills including coppice management, hedge-laying, green woodworking and yurt making. He has worked on environmental projects for 20 years in particular setting up a rural skills school in West Wales where he co-wrote and help deliver a 6 month sustainable rural skills apprentice scheme.

Where will it take place?

A shelter will be provided near the work site for inclement weather. Outdoor and wet weather clothing and footwear are required.

Practical Skills Training | TACLU | Personal Development Training | Top

TACLU!  Litter Pickers Hub

Taclu means ‘tidy’ in Welsh and sums up what it is about: cleaning up our public places and feeling good in the process. Dumped rubbish, general litter and fly tipping are a visual image of what the bigger problem is: the need for us to take more care of our shared environment. This project is about helping people to work together for change.

The ‘Litter Pickers Hub’ is a Land Rover and trailer with a small shelter, toilet, refreshments, seating, safety and welfare kit. It can pop up anywhere it is needed in south Wales.

We are open to Invitations!

Please get in touch with suggestions of places where there is a rubbish problem, we may be able to visit your community with the hub. Go to the Contact Us page.

We need You!

We need volunteer litter pickers, there will always be more ways to get involved than just litter picking. Personally you will get a bucket load of fulfilment from doing constructive work together with others. Publicly the cleared areas will be clean and observable by all. We will take the opportunity to talk and recruit interested residents for events further in the future; this may be a whole range of educational, practical skills or personal development workshops.

Croeso Cafe

There will be tea, coffee and cake with a place to sit, relax and chat with friends

Craft Area

There will be craft activities to make and take away with you including screen printing your own T shirts, patches or cloth bags.


Please check our Upcoming Events and Facebook for upcoming events

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Personal Development Training

We are developing workshops to improve community members self esteem, assertiveness and dealing with gender issues and stereo types. Healthy communication and cooperation are essential in any community project being effective in the long term. This quote summarises the importance of personal development training in any community project.

How can an individual or an organisation be truly effective if some part of its available energy is used up in either anger or repressive behaviour? How much time is wasted on community schemes that are launched with good intentions, but whither because no one wanted to say they didn’t agree with the purpose or process?” – Deborah Smith

Assertiveness Workshops

What is an assertive response? Will it make a positive difference to my life. What are the personal tools and understandings needed to change the way I express my opinions or feelings? These are all valid questions that can be answered in an assertiveness workshop. The purpose is to improve a person’s happiness and well being through unlocking their emotions and encourage honest communication.

Learning Out of Context (LOOC) Workshops

What are the gender stereotypes? What dictates the stereotypes? Why are they a problem? How do they influence the way we act? The purpose of this workshop is to use role play to explore our culturally expected gender behaviour and look at how this limits our ability to work together with both male and females in an equal way. Taking particular attention to societal problems we are facing such as Climate Change.

Please check our Upcoming Events and Facebook for upcoming events

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