About Us

Climate and Community (reg 1172500) has been established and motivated by care and concern for the environment we will be passing on to future generations. We are looking to connect with community organisations to demonstrate facilitate and promote best practice in maintaining and sustaining the environment.

We believe a key issue in addressing problems such as the warming climate is to evolve new economic arrangements that make it possible for people to work in harmony with nature. We are seeking to break the addiction to the easy energy of fossil fuels which makes a sustainable habitat apparently unaffordable according to current economic cost analysis.  We believe radical education is a means for peaceful change and an antidote to future violent change and unrest. Conflict is a possibility if we do not act now. 

‘the problem is a loss of species, the destruction of habitat and the changing of the climate. This is an unintended consequence of the way we humans live. The situation is not stable or improving, it is getting worse. Society is becoming less sustainable by living and pursuing livelihoods in urban industrial settlements based on consumption. While being disengaged from natural life sustaining systems such as localised organic farming and forestry.’’

The general solution is to catalyse large scale change in behaviour away from destructive consumption towards sustainable living.

The aim of our work is about turning these words into action:


Principles of the work

  • To EDUCATE ourselves and others on the issues so we can form our own views and drive reform.




  • To EMPOWER ourselves by learning and teaching practical skills. With these skills we create working examples of sustainable living and livelihoods as a direct demonstration of what can be done.



  • To PRACTICE how to cooperate and gain shared understanding of how we can work together over longer periods to solve problems.


The Plan

‘Find supporters and resources, Organise and deliver recruitment and education workshops, Gather pioneers, Provide training for dialectic and collective decision making, Find locations and support for training events and camps, Organise, publicise and deliver campaigns for reform…. ’’