Hedgelaying in Bishopston


Last week Bob Smith, laid a 17 metre stretch of hedge belonging to Bishopston community council running along the perimeter of the recreation ground. It is a demonstration of what can be done to improve our local environment. If all goes well Climate and Community will be working with Bishopston Community Council to hold a hedge laying course this season at the recreation ground. Bob Smith has instructed hedgelaying  and been involved in practical environmental projects for 25 years or more.  For upcoming course dates check our website and facebook page.

Climate and Community has been established and motivated by care and concern for the environment we will be passing on to future generations. We are looking to connect with community organisations to facilitate, demonstrate and promote best practice in maintaining and sustaining the environment.

We believe a key issue in addressing problems such as the warming climate is to evolve new economic arrangements that make it possible to work in harmony with nature. We are seeking to break the addiction to the easy energy of fossil fuels which makes a sustainable habitat apparently unaffordable according to current economic cost analysis.


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