Tree Survey in Copley Wood

Climate and Community were asked by the community council to carry out a tree survey in Copley Wood, Mansel Green Bishopston. This is being done as a precursor to drafting a plan for the wood which the community council and Bishopston residents will be consulted on. We are planning to put a version on the Bishopston Vocal Eyes group page, so people can vote and give comments. As well as talk to local groups in person.

On July 2nd we joined Jenna Higgins a qualified arboriculturist at Copley Woods as we had arranged for her to do the survey work. Jenna has much experience in woodland management and has also completed a coppice management apprentice scheme. So she has the academic and the hands on practical experience. We began by setting up a shelter inside the wood for shade and tea making. Jenna packed her kit and was soon off making notes. Bob and Jules made tea and arranged a visit with Susan Rodaway, the Vocal Eyes coordinator and Pennard Community Councillor. She joined us at lunch time at the camp and told us about Vocal Eyes, its history and success so far. We concluded that the crucial part of the Vocal Eyes process is getting people to register and vote. Susan mentioned the lack of Wifi points in Bishopston, which is needed at venues to help people register.

Later in the afternoon we walked around the site with Jenna, making comments and identifying more plants and trees. The drainage is interesting as it is very variable over the site and creates varied habitats.  Willow, Oak and Hazel dominate the older wooded areas, while bracken and bramble dominate the more open areas which have more recently become vegetated. Even in this area we found an Orchid indicating a bio diverse site.

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